Marisa Raoul is a best-selling author, born in Sydney Australia but has resided in many states of Australia as well as many places in Europe. She has traveled to over 30 countries throughout her life and has an intense passion for diverse cultures and languages.


She resided in France for 10 years, during the 1990s where she ran a highly successful Bed and Breakfast and from that experience, her first travel memoir, the Best-selling, Ma Folie Francaise, was born. From that moment, her love for the written word has blossomed and has grown into a successful occupation, with her second autobiographical work, Club Mauranges, released in early 2013. She is currently working on her third memoir, The Journey. As well as her book writing she also penned the English lyrics for a collaborative work with Italian musician and composer, Andrea Cutri, on his rock opera Eterno Divenire.

Marisa has always been passionate about health and helping others to achieve their very best. She is a successful Gut Health and weight loss mentor and runs an online Gut Health and Weight loss program called EPIC GUT EMPIRE.


Marisa currently resides in Sydney Australia but spent a major part of 2010 through to 2018 in Europe working and researching her family history for future novels and working as a freelance photo-journalist for several major travel and lifestyle magazines.


She runs several successful Instagram blog galleries  for example @sardiniamylove where she expresses her extreme passion for the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, where she has travelled to for over 40 years and she actively promotes the island throughout the media.

Now in 2022, Marisa decided it was finally time to return to her paternal roots in her beloved Italy. She has purchase her little Tuscan dream and is sharing her journey on her new Youtube channel, under her own name but featuring her beautiful partner, David.

She is an Entrepreneur with a multitude of interests, charitable pursuits, volunteer work and believes in the philosophy of "Helping others to help oneself"

​We are all wading through this pond called life

The waters may be perilous at times

Turbulent and untamed

Step by step

its waters envelope us

Only with courage and fortitude

Can we reach its blessed shores

Marisa Raoul © 2011


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I have always believed that each one of us has a reason, a purpose and our journey here on this beautiful planet is to achieve our purpose and fulfil our dreams.

For me, our genius lies in our capacity to imagine always greater than we are. To reach for the unreachable and never allow the letters "im" to precede the wonderful word possible.

We are all miracles.