Tuesday 19th March 2013

Presenting a fabulous article by Emma Scott posted on the lovely online magazine "An Affair with Italy" 

Please jump over to this gorgeous site for everything Italian and find out more about my writing and other projects.
Photography - Julie Adams 



An exciting new venture for me in 2017 is my business association with the Healthy Living and Gut Health program "Putting Health at the Top" 

I am now a mentor for this amazing program and would love to share my experiences and knowledge with you all. 

Please visit my Blog (link below), my Instagram gallery and my Facebook page for further information.



I'm so happy with the results from the AMAZON.COM freebie last week. People all over the world got clicking and almost 700 ebooks were downloaded during those 5 days. 

Hopefully, all those lucky readers will join my faithful followers and download "Club Mauranges"

when it's released later this month...Fingers crossed :) 

Marisa 8th March 2015



SARDINIA ESCAPES  (Online magazine)  2017 

The lovely people at Sardinia Escapes have honoured me with this lovely article about my extreme passion and life-long love for the island of Sardinia.