A Journey​​​

Ancient dust rises from my soles
This is not a well-trodden path
And yet, the world seems so familiar
Memories spiral, eyelashes bat
A field of electric yellow wavers upon invisible breath
The waters lay limpid, pellucid silver, liquid mercury
Jade hills hasten skyward
I see beauty in the acutely grotesque
Fortitude oozes from the poorest of the weak
My steps are measured and yet carry no weight
I amble towards destiny and seek no refuge

Marisa Raoul©  2010

(written at Marion Bay Tasmania)





I dive into your waters...

A cool rush envelopes me
Submerged in a crystal azure mass
the oxygen leaves my lungs and rushes skywards into the ink black night
I swirl ... breathless free, weightless;
I am liquid
I become you...you become me
fluid, liquid molecules ...
we are one
I emerge wet with your love
droplets of spent passion drip about me
you fall at my feet in puddles
I never want to dry

Marisa Raoul ©  2010

Forget me

Forget the precious moments shared
They were simply figments of an optimist
An imagination founded on false hope and promise
Forget the love we shared
It was a dream
A soft breeze that caressed our souls for an instant
then died with the autumn leaves
Forget hope
for it only exists in the heart of true lovers
Forget the light that shone in my eyes
It was a reflection that with your absence is now spent
Forget beauty
for what does it serve?
It wanes with the ebb of time
and slides into the abyss
Forget my existence
for I am only stardust
Here for a brief moment
Forget me

Marisa Raoul © 2011


Move kindly through your life
Love with every fiber of your being
Smile with your heart
Look upon the world through the eyes of your soul
Give with abundance
Receive with humility
Surrender yourself to the endless possibilities
and by the night sky, reach for the brightest star

Marisa Raoul © 2010


I held you

I held the sky in my hand

I held you
The stars slipped through my fingers
Their trails of shimmering dust left on my palms
I embraced the moon at night
but it too left me at break of day
The sun held my hand; only to fade away as evening drew near
I held the universe in my arms
in the form of an angel
Soft, warm and tender as a lover's breath
I swam within the galaxies of his eyes
I drank the waters of his oceans
and I held him

I held you 

Marisa Raoul © 2010

I'm Ready

I'm ready...

I'm ready to run through electric yellow fields

Feel the rush of spring against my cheeks
The perfumed breeze fill my lungs
My eyes glisten...tears stain my skin
but they are joyous
They are wanted
I run towards my life
and it envelopes me in a warm, velvet embrace
I am here life

Live me

Let me live you
I'm ready

Marisa Raoul © 2011



In the Palace of my dreams

In the palace of my dreams

we lie under cream caramel skies

Upon bejeweled silks
and cashmere threads

We sink ... embraced in warmth and golden light
intoxicated by heady perfumes
The scent of our skins
melting as one

The palette of love is intense and vibrant
Its hues rich with our passion
Its treasures rare and wonderful

I reside here in this bliss.

Marisa Raoul © 2011




                                                                                                                         Loves' artist

Love me for my art
For everything I do
As that encompasses me loving you
With every atom of my being
With every word imagined
Every story told

You are the sweetest note
A blessed opera where only love endures
and tragedy is unwritten
You are the clearest azure sky
A soft breeze that caresses my skin
A celestial light that illuminates my darkest moments

The clarity I seek
The love for eons sought

My eternal yes

Marisa Raoul © 2012



I will love you until the stars abandon the night sky

Until every blade of grass withers and turns to dust
And the deepest ocean floor runs dry

Until the desert sands harden to ice
And the trees lay down to rest

When nothing as we know it exists
And the moon and the sun collide to become one

Just as we have always been
Will always be


Marisa Raoul © 2011



Today I took flight
On silken azure wings
Into a sky so crystal and blue
That I could no longer distinguish between sea and sky
I soared feather like above silver lined clouds
They kissed me gently as I passed
Blessing my journey
Urging me forward
To a brand new day
A future yet lived but so wished for
Perhaps a love new and golden
Warm and lovely as the sun upon my skin
As I float on route to a destiny I am yet to understand
That I so long for
So yearn for

Patience little butterfly
Your time will come…

Marisa Raoul c 2011

Written in flight Rome-Brussels 28/6/2011


Dedicated to my sister Giulia Barillaro (Timms) born this day

The light seeker


I am at the beginning of my journey

I am the ancient Chinese frog at the bottom of the well

Seeking the light

Searching for the path to freedom and knowledge

My strength will have no boundaries

My eyes will behold clarity so pure, so concise

That my progression; my slithering towards eternity will be limitless

No mindless energy will hold me

No hurtled words break me

For I am all powerful

I am special



Marisa Raoul  © 2010​

The Traveller

If you re not willing to travel with me

Walk beside me on my journey through life
Then walk on by...

For I will never again be thwarted by darkness
Be bound by chains
or blinded by gloom
My path is light
My vision pure and crystalline
My heart noble and ardent

Walk with me my love
Cling to me

or walk alone....

Marisa Raoul © 2012

You think


You think you’re a droplet of water but to me you’re an ocean

You think that I can live without you but I would merely exist
You think your path is set and yet you haven’t found the mold
You think you have been unlucky and yet love surrounds you
You think I am beautiful and I think beauty lies within your eyes
You think you are unworthy; I think you are irreplaceable
You think life has set you boundaries, yet I see only endless opportunities
You think I am special; I think you are unique
You think I would climb mountains; I would crawl over them on bended knee
You think the sun rises in my smile; yet I know it shines in your heart
You think I am an angel; I know you are heaven sent
You think I love you
You think right

Copyright © Marisa Raoul 2010

(Versione Italiana)

Tu pensi che sei una goccia d'aqua ma per me sei un oceano
Tu pensi che posso vivere senza di te ma esisterei soltanto
Tu pensi che la tua strada ed impostata ma non hai ancora trovato la forma giusta
Tu pensi che sei stato sfortunato ma ce l'amore che ti circonda
Tu pensi che sono bella ed io credo che la bellezza si accende nei tuoi occhi
Tu pensi che sei indegno; Io penso che sei insostituibile
Tu pensi che la vita ti ha limitato, ancora vedo solo opportunita infiniti
Tu pensi che sono speciale; Io penso che tu sia unico
Tu pensi che scalerei delle montagne; Striscerei sopra loro sul ginocchio
Tu pensi che il sole sorge nel mio sorriso; eppure so che brilla nel tuo cuore
Tu pensi che sono uno angelo; Io so che sei inviato dal cielo
Tu pensi che ti amo
Tu pensi giustamente

Marisa Raoul © 2010



As each word opens
a universe unbeknown to all other reveals itself to me
A never-ending gift, wrapped in the silken melody of your voice
I am bewildered, amazed and astounded by the power of your language
A language beautiful in its complexities
and tinted with a million nuances
Your words tie me in knots and cloak me in precious cloth
They send me into a wondrous maze of which I dread to exit
Like a sleeping eight
They are infinite
Like the stories you tell

They are eternal 



Marisa Raoul © 2011


You are my horizon

So near
and yet so far

My regard will never falter
My gaze steadfast
upon that still, blue line
which separates sea and sky
The distance between us
that our eyes cannot conceive
and our hearts never concede

Marisa Raoul © 2011


If I am not here...it doesn't mean I don't think of you every instant
If I am far away...it doesn't mean my heart does not ache for you at every moment
If I am silent...it doesn't mean that my words do not scream in the blackness of the night
And I will fight and yell
bound and beaten
lost and alone
until you find me
until you see my soul
and truly understand
my essence
my mind
my heart...

Marisa Raoul © 2011

In my dreams...

In my dreams, you are perfect
every form; every movement
your eyes the shade of a forest glade
your lips sweet like raspberry sorbet

In my dreams, you glow
with an aura so golden, so precious
I shimmer under you
I bloom in the warmth of your soul

In my dreams, you love me
you melt my doubts and
ignite in me a joy so profound
I am lost in your labyrinth

in my dreams....

Marisa Raoul © 2011

My words

When I write, my life shifts
My mind moves on to greater places, some of which have never existed and others that never will
With every batter of my eyelashes, a new realm appears before me
and I'm lost to the intense beauty of that very instant
That millisecond of perfection that only exists within the corridors of my subconscious
Words then spill upon paper
giving birth to a new world...my world...my creation

Marisa Raoul © 2011

Ode to Bruges

How silently you rest under a fading ceiling of light
my footsteps flutter upon polished stones of ages past
whilst my gaze fixes here and there
encumbered by such abundant beauty
you enrapture and beguile me
Oh enchanting Venice of the north
Flemish maiden dressed so fair
your watery tresses weave their way into my heart
and fill my eyes with such splendor
that I am bound to remain
and drink in full why I may.

Marisa Raoul © 2011


As each word opens,
a universe unbeknown to all other reveals itself to me
A never ending gift, wrapped in the silken melody of your voice
I am bewildered, amazed and astounded by the power of your language
A language beautiful in its complexities
and tinted with a million nuances
Your words tie me in knots and cloak me in precious cloth
They send me into a wondrous maze of which I dread to exit
Like a sleeping eight
they are infinite
Like the the stories you tell
they are eternal ♥

Marisa Raoul © 2010


Rome ... the eternal city
She grabs at my heart
and sends it racing
she makes me sweat...she tires me and thrills me
She is brash, unnerving and without care
and yet
I love her
I adore her
I'm forever in awe of her
beloved temptress

Marisa Raoul c 2011


A shimmer of satin separates us
black as night
You are wrapped around me
like a silken thread
bound and taught
supple and lissome
you wind your love about me
with bows and knots of exstacy
serpentine and agile
you surround me ; envelope me
consume me with every breath
every languid kiss
and I am lost
blinded and drugged

Marisa Raoul © 2011



Your love is stardust
A galaxy of shimmering light
It sparkles and shines
Lighting my darkness
Surrounding my heart
It is weightless and eternal
A universe of glimmering bliss
An infinite tenderness
My scintillating angel

Marisa Raoul © 2010

The fairest light

You are the fairest light
in a ink sky

The shimmer across a silent lake
which stirs when kissed by the autumn breeze
A beacon that guides the soulless to shore

You are the spark from a flint
The hope of warmth in the bitter night

An effervescence that bubbles within my heart
and shines within my smile

The rose blush which kisses my cheeks under a summer sun
and wets my lips like the morning dew

You are a silken mantle that envelopes my skin
Light as an angel's breath
your love caresses me


My fairest light
My only truth
My deepest hope

Marisa Raoul © 2011

Through my eyes

If you saw the world through my eyes
you would understand
that I never sought perfection;
only purity

My quest is clarity of thought
simplicity and peace

Sincerity in words
and completeness in love

If you can offer me these things
Then you are truly my friend

Then you are my perfection

Marisa Raoul © 2011