5.0 out of 5 stars From the heart, February 17, 2014
 Maryanne Alderson - Club Mauranges - Ma Deuxieme Folie (Kindle Edition)This book is written from the heart. It is lyrical in its prose and whilst easy to read, it is also rich in beautifully phrased descriptive writing.The author has beautifully described the events in her life during a period of growth and self discovery, some really entertaining and funny moments, and some emotional struggles. It builds to a crescendo of emotion near the very end which had a personal tug for me and her call to action to achieve my own dreams was very poignant and has stirred me for several weeks since finishing the book.I have had experience of living in France and of missing it, so I am not sure if my passion for this book is because I can so totally relate to it, but I am sure that anyone who reads it will find it entertaining, warm, funny and moving. Lire et profitez.


By Rosie Lee

Inspiring by Rosie Lee, May 18, 2013
This review is from: Club Mauranges - Ma Deuxieme Folie (Kindle Edition)
I have read Marisa's last book "Ma folie Francaise" this book was a wonderful read. When I knew Marisa was writing a sequel, I was excited and impatient to feast my eyes on her next life adventures.
I was not disappointed. I found I could not put the book down, I felt I had been drawn into a beautiful story depicting the experiences of the many highs and lows of emotions through Marisa's eyes. I admire her openness, her courage to express all in her book.
Thank you Marisa:)

5.0 out of 5 stars Club Mauranges, May 17, 2013

By Giulia T 
This review is from: Club Mauranges - Ma Deuxieme Folie (Kindle Edition)
A great read. I read it today and decided I couldn't stop until I had finished. I never did make it to Mauranges, a pity. I have only seen photos but I feel like I have been there. You described our Aunty and Uncle so well that I thought I could hear them speaking and saying exactly how I remembered.
For anyone that knows you and your story this book really is simple in explanations but really allows us to understand how you felt. If you don't know the author or her life you should read both books and you will find a story about someone who has had a life that most people just have in theIr imaginations. Adventurous, exciting, happy, sad and hopefully with the best to come. Well done!


5.0 out of 5 stars Magical!, May 16, 2013

By Helen Nisevic 
This review is from: Club Mauranges - Ma Deuxieme Folie (Kindle Edition)
What a truly inspiring book! Not only does Marisa dream big and make these dreams reality she has inspired me to believe in my dreams and most importantly follow my heart.
Marisa makes her world and travels come alive with pages full of magical words, what talent! Club Mauranges is an honest, uplifting book that I truly couldn't put down - such an honor to read, thank you for sharing your story Marisa!

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Fabulous, May 16, 2013

By AnneB 
This review is from: Club Mauranges - Ma Deuxieme Folie (Kindle Edition)
The sequel to Ma Folie Francaise was beautiful. What a life Marisa has led. Very touching and human but with an ending that was a little bit sad. She has fitted so much into her life and I'm looking forward to many more books from her. I love her style of writing. Well done!



5.0 out of 5 stars Extraordinaire!, March 8, 2013

By Roja..... - See all my reviews
This review is from: Ma Folie Française (My French Folly) (Kindle Edition)
A fun and personal re-count of a life lived to fullest in regional France. Marisa has captured something quite unique in her story telling. She shares her magic, passions and humour with the reader. A definate must have for travellers, lovers and francophiles. Simply magic......


Take me to France now! December 13, 2012
What a fabulous read. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and felt like I was living, eating, breathing and smelling France as I was reading. It was a delightful story and in some ways almost a courageous one as we see Marisa create a life to live out her dreams.

Who hasn't thought of buying and running a B&B - but to commit to and undertake the challenge is just something else. To top it off, the experience is set in a beautiful, historical and romantic place - I want to go now.


Ma Folie Francaise is a great holiday read - both when you are on holidays or in need of a holiday.​

5.0 out of 5 stars Armchair travel, December 19, 2012

By Aprilrain 
This review is from: Ma Folie Française (My French Folly) (Kindle Edition)
I have this book in paperback and I loved it!
This book takes you deep into the heart of French village life with all it's quirky traditions and people. Just like being there but without the expense of a long-haul flight!
I can't wait for the sequel!
Highly recommended.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great book, December 14, 2012

By Giulia T 
This review is from: Ma Folie Française (My French Folly) (Kindle Edition)
Fantastic book. Easy to read as it is funny, naughty and everything in between. Recipes- great touch. Easy to imagine that you are there experiencing all that is going on. I still love the beginning when they are secretly tunneling. Pity they had to stop. Can't wait for the next installment. I'm sure it will be just as good a read as this one. It's always good to get a real insight into the way people change their lives. Thanks for giving us a bit of your life

Hi Marisa,

You may remember meeting me, Robyn Eastwell and my husband, John, following our delightful upgrade to business class from Milan to Abu Dhabi, early December, 2011. I enjoyed chatting with you, realising you are a writer and also enjoy travelling - two of my passions, as well!

Happily I managed to track down your book, "My French Folly" from Dymocks, and felt I must firstly congratulate you on this great read, and also encourage you in your writing. I love to know what women of Australia are doing with their lives, and your book was inspiring as you fearlessly took on the challenge of firstly preparing the building for your Bed and Breakfast then running the business so successfully.
John read it first enjoying it very much. He likes your writing sytle! One of my favourite parts is the last paragraph on page 48.
"I've become the Queen of all things below the belt.The Comtesse of the coffee machine. The princess of the ironing press and the Marquise of mayhem."
You mentioned the funds are not so available for publishing since the Global Financial Crisis, but I trust you have been able to find a publisher for the other books you have written, so we two Toowoomba readers can once more enjoy your work.
Trust you are well and contented at this time, Marisa
Take care,

Toowoomba Australia

THE COUNTRYPHILES - Article published January 2014 please click on following link - 



Hello Marisa

I just wanted to write and let you know that I have read your book and found it a very enjoyable book to read. It is entertaining, very descriptive and left me wanting to read more, I was very disappointed when I got to the end, I wanted to know what happened with your new house.
I hope you are going to write the follow up to this. I purchased the book last Saturday, commenced reading late in the afternoon and had it completed before I left for work on Monday morning.
Regards Lena Mitchell 

Tasmania Australia

This review is from: Ma Folie Française (My French Folly) (Kindle Edition)

This is one of the best books about life in France that I have ever read. You feel as if you are in the story yourself. It is honest, funny, and cheeky it makes you laugh and maybe blush...I loved it.

The way Marisa tells her story is fantastic... she uses words so beautifully, the recipes, lying beneath the stars and all the wonderful little stories in this book. I have been to this part of France so I let my imagination take over.

Congratulations Marisa on a wonderful story and a wonderful journey. BRAVO. Looking forward to the next book.

What an amazing wordsmith you truly are!!!

Annita Lamari 

Melbourne Australia

My Name is Sasha Simone and I have just finished your book, Ma Folie Francaise. It was a great light read and I was delighted to find if was non-fiction and based on your own real life experiences. Your life sounds impressive so far. I myself could relate to it a little bit as I've started to travel as much as I can, last year I made the decision to go to New Zealand all by myself. It was something I had wanted to do since school but didn't seriously put the thought into motion. Then I woke up one day and just booked my flight. I backpacked for about 6/7mnths and I met so many incredible people, one in paticular very cheeky Tahitian boy. Travelling has easily the best decision of my life. I just got back not too long ago to my home town of Adelaide and now I'm back at work saving for my big France/europe trip! I'm learning french as well.. slowely. I'm almost 21 so I feel I’m at the right point of my life to travel the world. I like to think of myself as a little bit of an adventurer!

When I was at my library searching the shelves in the French labelled section for something to entertain me in my spare time I picked your book just randomly, didn't really even look at cover. I just saw the words French folly and thought.. sounds good, was a lucky choice. So thankyou for the book, it motivates me even more to make my France trip actually happen. I wrote to you because I thought maybe you'd like to hear that all the time you probably spent on your book is having a positive impact and is appriciated.

Sasha Simone 

New Zealand

I have just finished your book and enjoyed every sentence. I am VERY curious to know if it is all a true story and if so...why did you leave France to live in Alice Springs and now Tasmania? I live in the Northern Beaches with my family and was delighted when I realized that the author of this book from this area. How is Jean adjusting to Tasmania?
Joanne Davis

I am an Alliance Française member for whom you kindly autographed your book following your successful 20 November presentation. Your book is an excellent read characterised by quality descriptives through an entertaining account of a keen observer and wordsmith.
I am looking forward to reading your next book on your life and experience at Mauranges.
Kind regards Attila.

Hobart Tasmania

Hi Marisa
I just finished your book ‘My French Folly’ and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it.  Your writing is lovely, playful and wonderfully descriptive of the people and places that added such layers to your French life.  My brother and sister in law run b&bs in Sorrento in Victoria and  your book evoked their stories – they too have the same high standard ethos towards customer service – and the changes about to take place or them as they move out of the business and on to other things.
Anyhow thanks for the transporting summer read to rural France – I loved it!
Cheers Lisa

Hi Marisa,

I'm not one to write to authors (I've laughed at my Dad sending one of his favourite authors - Tony Park - a photo of himself reading his book while in a picturesque setting in Africa), probably because I never really find time to read, and quite honestly find it an odd thing to do. But I have just got to the end of Ma folie francaise in recording reading time for me after getting the book out of the library and i've gotten to the final page to learn a little more about you and discover your email address and felt compelled to write you a quick email - especially learning that you are now based in Tasmania.

I went looking for books in the Kingston library on France on Thursday as I'm heading there for a couple of weeks (to meet up with my holiday romance who I met in Laos last year, who has since visited Tasmania for a month over summer - a very scruffy but charming frenchman from Honfleur) in May before I make a life change by moving to Ghana.

Yesterday after loving your book so much I went into a second hand book store at Salamanca looking for something similar and I came across a book I'd never heard of - Peter Mayle's 'A year in Provence'. I was very amused when reading your book yesterday afternoon to find you mentioning it! Perhaps it was a good book for me to choose.

Your book was a great way to give me a little bit more of an insight into french culture in a very fun and enjoyable way - so I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your story. It was also great to read that there are other people out there who take life one adventure at a time (friends think your crazy throwing in a well paid enjoyable job to experience something different!) and keep having different adventures over the years.

Thanks for the good read - and I hope your Tasmanian adventure is going well!

Kind regards,


My name is Diane, I'm from Auckland New Zealand.
I have visited France several times but never studied French in school. I'm not really an avid reader but in a semi-retired state and wanting to learn a bit of French decided to read your book to help add to my 'un petit peu Francais'.
I just wanted to say I loved your book "Ma Folie Francaise".  I found it refreshing and very positive (having watched many  TV programmes where the English embark on 'do-ups' in France and it's all up hill and negative, you had such a positive approach, guess Aussies and Kiwis are a bit more 'can do'.
Thanks for sharing your life with us the readers.
Cheers Diane Sterne
One Tree Hill
Auckland NZ

This is a very amusing story about an Australian woman (yet another) who falls in love with France and makes the move, setting up a Fawlty Towers style B&B and settling in to life in a small rural village. If you've ever fantasised about packing up your life and shifting to another continent, then beware this autobiography, it makes it sound all too romantic. Digging for truffles has never sounded so risque.

Mosman Readers

I fell in love this book so much it made me want to pack my bags and move to France!!!. I found myself pausing my day to day duties to get comfy with this book "Ma Folie Francaise".

This is such such an uplifting and feel good story that had me dreaming from start to finish about the quiet, peaceful and some what quirky life of Marisa and her handsome french husband Jean.

I commend this very talented author on such a beautifully written book. She has stopped at nothing to share her cherished experiences of life with her readers. I admire her ability to be so incredibly open, honest and positive about herself and her feelings.

I truly befriended this charcter, her journey and her infectious personality that shone through from cover to cover.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves life, laughter and falling in love. A story that will stay with me for a very long and happy time.

Kiah Wicks

Tasmania Australia

(posted on

Written in a way that ensures you are on the adventure with her, this book will touch your heart and make you dust off your suitcase."

**** Highly Recommended - Michele Perry, Good Reading Magazine.

“ Ma Folie Francaise is a romantic travel memoir that recounts Marisa and Jean’s steps through the set up of their successful B&B business and as they tend to their many colourful patrons. It is a fun tale about overcoming adversity and enjoying life – by taking risks and beating the odds.”
- Extract from a feature article by Jill Farrar, French Provincial Magazine, April 2009

Are you flirting with the idea of visiting or moving to France? Craving croissants? Pining after parfait? Do the comical antics of Gerard Depardieu send you into a spin? If you answered yes to any of the above, this book is for you. It is the true story of a woman falling in love twice – first with a Frenchman and then with France. The tale of Marisa Raoul having the time of her life. Marisa brings good humour … and if I wasn’t smiling so much I may have been overcome with jealousy at this brilliant adventure. Marisa and her partner Jean decide to take up residence and run a small bed and breakfast in France … and this is where the fun begins. It’s a large part of Gallic hospitality, with a splash of Fawlty Towers calamity … and I would never have guessed that searching for truffles could take such unexpected turns. Suited to a female audience this book is a lot of fun. And it’s an inspiration to anyone who dreams of making the leap to relocate and follow a dream. Otherwise it’s a lovely read to whet your appetite for all-things-French.’
Slow Magazine  Issue 3 Late Summer 2010​

I have recently read your book re your French Folly & really enjoyed it.

I worked out that you spent 10 years in France - 8 of those running the successful B&B with all the hard work that goes with that.
Then the book ends with a new property with great potential for you & your husband.
Next thing is you are back in the land of OZ doing more good works with the Aborigines.
Please enlighten me re the short 2 years that you would have spent at the new property restoring it as you so desired? Such a short time so please what happened to your decision to return to Australia

Thank you   Barbara Rotherham   Auckland NZ 

(I replied that the sequel would tell her everything she wanted to know...Marisa 2012)